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At Swoonsound we offer 30 minute or 60 minute paired lessons.
 This means you and a friend can share the 30 or 60 minute lesson time and expense.
If you don't have a friend to share with, we can always find one for you who is of a similar age, ability and preferred instrument.
For paired lessons we offer Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, Percussion, Didgeridoo, Violin, Songwriting and Music Production.
Our experienced teachers have a blue card and can teach up to an advanced level in any style or genre.
Our Swoonsound Concerts are put on 2 - 4 times per year, giving our students a chance showcase their new skills and to perform for their friends and family. 
Each term we have a Swoonsound Social that is split between primary and secondary students. 2 hours of jamming, meeting and hanging out with other like minded musicians.
Our well equipped, spacious, air conditioned studios are a pleasure to work and play in.
Our curriculum is individually tailored to each student and we use a variety of state of the art online and hard copy resources.  We are proudly using the latest technology and digital teaching strategies available. 
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